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If you have a product that you would like reviewed on FemJoy or FemJoy+ for more feminity, email me ([email protected]) to request your product be reviewed. I will give you a price and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

I have a new page on Femjoy's FemJoy+ for more feminity. For more feminity and all things related to femininity, visit Femjoy's website ([email protected]) and check out our website (luna_emily.com), and we have other pages on FemJoy products. For the first time ever, I am reviewing FemJoy's "Creamy Pomegranate". Creamy Pomegranate (cucumber) is a popular citrus fragrance. You can find a variety of Cucumber fragrances at your local Target (they have "Cucumber" on the front of their store) or at some beauty supply stores. When I made my first purchase of a Cucumber fragrance, I had never heard of Femjoy. As I browsed through their line, I noticed their Cucumber products and it was so popular, I had to try it out. I am not a fan of Cucumbers, and I was really excited to try out the Cucumber fragrance. This particular fragrance has a very light and fresh scent. It is very light, which is why it does not smell like a lot of fragrances that I have tried.

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